We are problem solvers…

Who live for that feeling you get when a problem is solved.

Our partners choose to work with us because we aren’t…

Only looking towards digital, and ignoring the reality of outside the screen.

Scared by ugly solutions (because not everything needs to be pretty to solve big problems).

Waiting for other people to solve the challenges we all face.

Only chasing trends (we are also a part of creating them).

Where we came from

With many years combined in big agencies at the forefront of the ‘digital revolution’, it became clear to us that our jobs were about commercial efficiency, not problem solving effectiveness. Fitting jobs to limited resources, not fitting the right resources to the job which resulted in overpriced and ineffective ‘solutions’. The feeling of effectively solving a problem, was set aside for suffocating process, pursuing awards and margin maximisation. So we abandoned ship and created a new way of doing things.

What’s happened since

Eight years since we set out to challenge the offering available, ‘digital’ has become much like teenage sex: everyone talks about it, not many know how to do it, everyone thinks everyone else is doing it, so everyone claims they’re doing it. And despite the growth in options, the industry is still characterised by a low level of technical competence and solution based craftmanship.

Where we are now

While others continue to paint zebra stripes on their horses, we continue to connect ourselves with the strategic, design and engineering misfits capable of taking ideas on a piece of scrap paper to an efficiently implementable solution that actually addresses real business problems through our offering. And in doing so, we continue to be lucky enough to work with some incredible people on some incredible projects.

Let’s make some magic. Together.

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